Current lab members

Marcelo Araya-Salas


Stanimira Deleva

Ph.D. student

Willy Pineda Lizano

Ph.D. student

Paula Iturralde-Pólit

Ph.D. student

Cristian Castillo-Salazar

Masters student

Andrés Hernández-Pinsón

Masters student

Silvia Cháves Ramírez

Masters student

Karen Miranda Gamboa

Licenciate student

Mariela Sánchez Chavarría

Bachelors student

Former students

Marcela Peña Acuña, M.Sc. in Sustainable Development, Universidad de Costa Rica (2011-2015). Project: Frugivorous bats as indicators of ecological disturbance and their role in habitat restoration.


Guido Saborío, M.Sc. in Management of Protected Areas and Regional Development, Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional (2014-2015). Project: Terrestrial mammal monitoring in Corcovado National Park: protocol analysis and management recommendations.

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